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  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Please keep in mind that we are still under construction. The roads have not been final graveled or final graded. The same holds true with many of the driveways. You are welcome to explore all Cherokee Forest by foot for the present time. However, please be advised that you do so at your own risk.
  • SLIPPERY WHEN WET: Red clay is like ice when wet! DO NOT attempt to drive any vehicle, even 4 wheel drives, on wet clay roads. Like climbing a tree...going up can be easy, it's the coming down that can be a problem. Dry clay will drive just fine.
  • ROADS AND THE DOT: The lower road as well as much of the upper roadS (not yet open) will be constructed as close to N.C. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) as possible given our mountainous terrain. Here's why: the D.O.T. may accept and take over the maintenance of certain private roads provided the road meets their specifications. However, if the road is not built to their specs, they WILL NOT take it over - period. We have done our best to adhere to D.O.T. specs so that the homeowners will have the ability to decide if they want to petition the D.O.T. for possible takeover. If the D.O.T. accepts and takes over maintenance of the road, it will relieve homeowners of this burden, thereby saving substantially on Homeowner Association dues, possible future paving, etc. In any event, it sure makes for a nice wider and safer road.
  • ONE WAY IN & ONE WAY OUT SECURITY: Cherokee ia a natural wilderness cove. The roads within its boundary do not and will not connect to any others, even if the D.O.T. should takeover somewhere down the road. This will provide excellent security and privacy for the residents.
  • VIEWS AND TREES: Our job as developers is to lay out the "master plan". We strive to locate the best home sites 300-400 feet from each other and preserve maximum buffers for the privacy of each. We could have logged the land and probably sold enough timber to pay for the roads. Instead, we left the trees trees so that the individual homeowner may decide how they wish to preserve their land and open up the view of their choosing.
  • DRIVEWAYS: All driveways will have a small turnaround area at the end, so feel free to venture down each. However, please respect the privacy of those parcels that are marked "sold" by not entering their driveways or property. Unless otherwise noted, each parcel includes a private, or semi private, graveled driveway to the house site areas.
  • ASSISTANCE IN BUILDING YOUR DREAMS: Buying the land is often the easy part. Building the home of your dreams can be another story. We will be glad to share our knowledge of local builders, sources, sub-contractors and the like.

  • 6 miles to new Cherokee Walmart
  • 2 miles to new Cherokee Public Golf Course
  • 2 miles to Smoky Mountain Country Club Golf Course
  • 1 mile to Highway 74 West (4 lane)
  • 5 miles to Bryson City
  • Cell phone friendly throughout
  • 3 miles to Cherokee Exit on Highway 74
  • 10 miles to Dillsboro
  • 1/2 mile to U.S Post Office
  • 14 miles to Harris Regional Hospital & Medical Center
  • 7 miles to Swain County Hospital
  • Heavily wooded - no logging, water, mountain and some river views
  • Designed and well marked for you to tour on your own, or with your realtor, or give us a call and we will show you around. Either way, drive or hike, enjoy your day and the natural beauty preserved at Cherokee Forest. Hope to hear from you soon.
  • Now accepting reservations for RIDGE TOP estates featuring excellent views as more parcels are being surveyed. Reserve your mountain estate today.
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